lab001 exercise and tcl ping

designed with eve-ng

lab construct here: narbik_ie-to-np-base_lab

enable secret: ccie

telnet/console pwd : ccie


see book for physical interface connectivity; better yet, use cdp

tcl ping (svi’s purposefully left out)

the first exercise (actually lab 2-2)

physical topology in eve                                              logical topology

the push here is interpretation, but for this to work you’ll need svi’s on sw1 and sw2. i simply used for sw1 and for sw2, and so on, ie,, etc, on down.

the idea is to be concerned with where trunk ports are actually needed, where only access ports are required, and there will need to be a trunk port between the 2 switches. for the routers, determine where a single ip on the interface is needed, and where two will be required.  it is important to note that logically, as one glaring example, r7 is located, but its access interface belongs across the aisle.

for example:

note f0/0 on r1. it belongs in vlan 12 and vlan 13. where r1 connects to sw1 will need to be a trunk port, and the r1 port at the router will need to be subbed out because it is supporting 2 ip addresses.

certainly in a config section, incorrectly delineating trunk ports where only access ports are required would be a failure. the challenge here is comprehending the diagram and configuring it correctly, not simply making it work.

i added the ping bomb at the end.


foreach address {
} { ping $address