Below is a snapshot of the INE SP Topology in Eve-ng:

The unl file used to build this can be located at:

Of course you’ll need csr and xrv images and a powerful workstation to run it all on because it is a huge resource hog.

The l2 images I use are vios_l2-adventerprisek9-m.  I imagine you could mix iol images in to save on resources but then you may have to adjust EVE templates, etc, or simply rebuild it from scratch.

The switches will need to have trunk ports and vlans to support connectivity. I am adding vlans as i go to support the current workbook section. Below is a list of vlans that will get through the first few IGP sections:

ine sp vlan list

config t
vlan 12,23,24,34,36,45,46,56,111,112,519,619,1920
do cop r s

The routers I currently load by hand based on the intial configs. At some point I’ll automate that.

While configuring the OSPFv2 section I made a relevant topology to ease in accomplishing the lab.  I simply made a map based on ospf adjacencies, and included the vlan id’s to make traceroute’s easier to decipher.


Below is a snapshot of the resource budget with all devices running. Your mileage may vary.