eve zoc tabs

another thing to remember with firefox is if you turn off application notification when you bring up your first term session, it can be difficult to get that notification back in case you want to change the telnet application.

you can try changing the network.protocol-handler ie:


search for


this should be a boolean entry. if it is set to true, you will not get the prompt to select an alternate application; it’ll go to putty by default.

you can modify the boolean value to false, restart firefox, and see if it comes up to the prompt to select a different telnet application.

if network.protocol-handler.expose.telnet does not exist in about:config, you can try adding it yourself as a boolean expression with the value to false. restart FF and try again.

if that doesn’t work, don’t waste your time with regedit HKLM-telnet in Windows. Didn’t make a difference for me with FF.

what did work was to go to FF option bars upper right corner-

click help

troubleshooting information

new window, click refresh firefox

that gets it.

as awful as it may be…

to make a single window with multiple tabs for devices in the eve topology
create a file called commandline.ini and place it in the same folder where the zoc.exe file exists (default: C:\Program Files (x86)\ZOC7)

this will be called by default from the directory.


and this is the killer. be sure to select “rename tabs when receiving…”

or each tabbed term window will show ip addresses and port numbers by default, which if you are like me, will drive you insane…