lab001 exercise and tcl ping

designed with eve-ng lab construct here: narbik_ie-to-np-base_lab enable secret: ccie telnet/console pwd : ccie   see book for physical interface connectivity; better yet, use cdp tcl ping (svi’s purposefully left out) the first exercise (actually lab 2-2) physical topology in eve                                              logical topology the push here is interpretation, but for this to work you’ll need […]

lab001 topology setup and zip

chapter 1 eve base topology screen shot good luck making this physical topology beautiful. combination iosvl2 and iou routers (to get serial support) you’ll need this too because the routers come up shutdown and half duplex (the duplex won’t save across reloads): en config t int rang e0/0-3,e1/0-3 duplex full end copy r s lab […]