1.1.f MST

Task 1
The first Catalyst switch should be configured with a hostname of SW1, and the second Catalyst switch should have a hostname of SW2.

Task 2
Configure all the ports, except F0/19 and F0/20, in shutdown mode:

Task 3
Ports F0/19–20 on both switches should be in trunking mode. These ports should use an industry-standard protocol to establish the trunk.

Task 4
Create VLANs 12, 34, 56, and 90 on SW1 and ensure these VLANs are propagated to SW2 via VTP messages. Use any name to accomplish this task.

Task 5
Configure Multiple-Instance Spanning Tree on these two switches using the following policies:
There should be two instances of STP:
instance 1 and 2.
The revision number should be 1.
The MST region name should be CCIE.
Instance 1 should handle VLANs 12 and 34.
Instance 2 should handle VLANs 56 and 90.
All future VLANs should use instance 0.
Instance 1 should use F0/19.
Instance 2 should use F0/20.
SW1 should be the root bridge for the first instance.
SW2 should be the root bridge for the second instance.