1.1.f BPDU Guard

Task 1
Shut down all ports on SW1 and SW2 and configure an industry-standard trunk between the two switches using port F0/19. Only the F0/19 interface should be in no shutdown state.

Task 2
Configure the F0/1 interface of SW1 such that if it detects any BPDUs, it transitions into err-disable mode.

Task 3
Configure SW2 such that the existing and future ports that are PortFast-enabled transition into err-disabled mode upon detection of BPDUs.

Task 4
Configure SW1’s F0/1 interface to automatically recover from errdisable mode caused by BPDU Guard. This recovery should occur every 30 seconds. If the interface of the switch detects BPDUs, it should once again transition back into errdisable mode. If it does not detect BPDUs, it should remain in the up/up state.