1.1.f BPDU Filter

Task 1
Configure the routers and the switches according to the diagram. The interswitch connections should be configured as a trunk using an industry-standard encapsulation. The unused ports should be configured in administratively down mode.

Task 2
Configure SW2’s F0/21 interface using the following policies:
The F0/21 interface of SW2 should be configured to filter sending or receiving BPDUs. If this port receives BPDUs, it should not transition into err-disable state.
If BPDU filtering is enabled on a given interface, the incoming BPDU packets are filtered. Unlike BPDU Guard, it does not place the interface of the switch into err-disabled state.

Task 3
On the existing topology, demonstrate and prove why and how the BPDU Filter feature can cause a forwarding loop.

Task 4
Configure SW2 based on the following policies:
Configure the F0/2 interface of this switch to bypass the spanning tree listening and learning states.
This switch should be configured such that upon detection of BPDU messages on existing and/or future PortFast-enabled ports, it loses its spanning tree PortFast status but does not transition into err-disabled mode.